About Us


Our Background

Maloka Machaba Surfacing Pty (Ltd) (“MM Surfacing”) is also a 100% black owned company with interest in the Hot Asphalt Manufacturing Limpopo industry. The company also has three major service offering; namely Asphalt Manufacturing, Surfacing /placement and logistics.

MM Surfacing was first started by two young and vibrant entrepreneurs with a Civil Engineering background. The Asphalt industry is faced with a number of dynamics and the directors saw the challenges faced in infrastructure development and were also inspired to offer lasting solution to the ever-versatile environment. Asphalt Manufacturing.


To offer the best solution in the industry and provide high-quality products that meet our customer needs while remaining cost-effective.


Continuously innovate and also improve our business processes to yield maximum levels of productivity and satisfaction to our customers.
To consistently deliver high-quality products that exceed our customers’ expectation through our commitment to the high standard and quality management system.


  • Transparency and openness
  • Act with high ethical standards
  • And Finally Safety
Hot Asphalt Manufacturing


MM Surfacing certainly strives to adopt and implement best practices in relation to management practices and corporate governance. Our executives leads in providing oversight to the overall corporate governance process and structure.When it comes to the corporate governance environment our entire staff is also well empowered.

This includes 

  • Safeguard the organization reputation
  • To ensure that the desired level of ethical standards is to meet and executed in accordance with the business processes.
  • Offer product in the most effective and efficient way
  • Identify, mitigate and finally manage risks associated with the industry

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