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So when it comes to Road construction Limpopo, MM Surfacing supplies HMA with its prime 140 tonnes/Hour asphalt batch plant.It can be modified to supply different types of mix design that complies to COLTO and/or SANRAL.Those specifications are from bitumen treated base to asphalt with either … Read More>>

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MM Cold Mix is a product produced by MM Surfacing which is simply Hot Mix Asphalt bags cold. MM Cold mix is a uniquely formulated cold –mixed premix, pre packed in handy 25kg bags, used as a cold premix for road repairs, Road construction and road rehabilitation.  Read More>>

COLD MIX ASPHALT, Road construction


  • MM Surfacing has the necessary equipment for specialised road Surfacing. These include Pavers, Pneumatic Rollers, Vibratory Roller used in the placement of Asphalt.
  • Not only do we provide surfacing for…Read More>>


First of all, MM Logistics is a unit within MM Surfacing that is responsible for transporting. So They transport Hot Mix or Cold Mix Asphalt from the plant to site for Road construction Limpopo. With regards to Hot Mix Asphalt, MM Logistics also has a fleet of aluminum trucks and trailers. Those are specially designed for the transportation of hot mix to contain the required delivery temperature and it is surely better than steel. Read More>>

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